Insurance that markets you.

Keeps your name and your services top-of-mind


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Overview Program

A different kind of partnership

As insurance agents our number one priority is taking care of our clients by making sure they get the proper coverage at a reasonable price and not hold up escrow, etc etc…. Rather than asking for referral and not giving anything back, we decided to put our marketing dollars back into realtors like you that refer us business.

We are targeting Realtors to benefit from our marketing program where we have created a unique approach that no one else in our industry is currently doing. When Realtors refer us business and we have a mutual client we will deliver 25 moving boxes co-branded to you with your logo and a personalized 4″x6″ high-gloss label with your contact information on every box.


Program highlights

  • No cost and no fees!
  • 25 custom printed boxes with a 4×6 high gloss custom label with your picture and information along with a personalized tape dispenser for you to give to your client.
  • Solidify relationship with your clients through a long-term marketing strategy.
  • On average families keep 25% of the boxes after a move for future use, and 70% is shared with family and friends for reuse.
  • Help your client in the moving process and solidifying your name and services through the entire transaction.
  • Imagine the functional utility of a simple box, your client’s seeing your brand every time they go to the garage, the closet, or attic.

Branded Boxes

Better than a business card.

A realtor is a part of one of the most important life transactions.
Don’t miss the opportunity to create a long-lasting impression.


Features the key

Unique, Easy and Free to You

No one else in our industry is doing this right now. We are putting our marketing dollars into you, a referral source, instead of magazine ads, Google or donuts. Just tell your client what you think of us and ask if we can give them a call, we will do the rest. When we have a mutual client, I will bring you 25 custom boxes and a personalize tape dispenser with your information. At no cost to you!

At just the right time

With Escrow needing the evidence of insurance in the beginning stages of escrow, your client can receive your custom boxes and tape dispenser at the beginning of, or at the close of escrow. The choice is yours.

Feeling the Love

Your Clients are all ready excited to have open escrow on their new home and now you overwhelm them with a thoughtful gesture giving them one less thing to worrying about: moving boxes.

Sharing is Caring

Moving boxes are a commodity, after your client uses them they will be given to friends and family that are looking to buy a home of their own.

Shelf Life

The boxes that don't get unpacked will be noticed for years to come in the closet, attic and the garage. Your top notch services will be remembered for years to come. When they grow out of their existing home they will know who will be fully capable to find them their next one.

Testimonials Happy clients

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